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Walt Disney's The Lone Ranger is the tenth to be seen in movie theatres or on TV as serials. It is an action-adventure film directed by Gore Verbinski. It is on the 1933 radio serial of the same name. The film stars Armie Hammer in the title and Johnny Depp as his Tonto. The movie tells the story of a Native American (Depp) who teams up with John Reid (aka the Lone Ranger) to fight against and corruption. They also aim to seek justice for in their lives. Tonto recruits The Lone Ranger to bring justice to those responsible for his tribe's villages. Reid wants to find the killers responsible for his brother's apparent .

There has been controversy over the of Depp as Tonto. There are concerns as to whether the film will a positive and accurate representation of the Native American Comanche people. The film's producers an adviser from the Comanche Nation to ensure that Depp's of Tonto would be an one. Depp himself has openly dismissed the controversy. He said there is Native American in his family heritage and thus he has made all to represent the Comanche accurately. He said he considers the role as a personal attempt "to try to the wrongs of the past", especially because of the often way in which Native American culture was portrayed in movies.



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