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Léon: The Professional is a 1994 English-language French written and directed by Luc Besson. It Jean Reno as a mob (Léon) and Gary Oldman as a corrupt DEA agent. It also stars a young Natalie Portman, in her feature film , as Mathilda, a 12-year-old girl who is taken in by the hitman after her family is murdered by . The movie follows the developing and at times strange relationship between Leon and Mathilda. Léon does his best to look after Mathilda and keep her out of but is unsuccessful as she starts learning the of the assassin trade and becomes his apprentice. The movie is a stylish and engrossing thriller with some unforgettable action .

Léon: The Professional received favourable from critics. Mark Salisbury of Empire magazine awarded the film a full five . He said: "Oozing style, and confidence from every sprocket, and offering a dizzyingly, fresh on the Big Apple that only Besson could bring, this is, in a word, wonderful". Mark Deming at Allmovie.com awarded the film four stars out of five, saying it was “as visually as it is graphically violent", featuring "a strong from Jean Reno, a striking debut by Natalie Portman, and a love-it-or--it, over-the-top turn by Gary Oldman". Oldman’s character Stansfield has been named by multiple publications as one of cinema's greatest .



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